Totem Shields

Skills: Totem, Paints



Symbolic, spontaneous construction,
allowing the unconscious to find
the way to express yourself
in signs, colors and shapes.
Magical object that posits a thought, a state,
a desire, a symptom, a story,
magical object of awareness,
transformation, healing.
Anchored to the earth,
construction towards the sky,
connection to the energy of the universe.
Building in weightlessness, in connection with oneself,
interior architecture.


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To know more..: You buy a canvas but the image remains my property, I therefore retain the right to make any variations I wish, cards, posters, various prints, etc… including selling the digital image for book covers, etc… You buy a canvas but you don’t have to pay for it. you do not own the copyright which means that you may not reproduce it, including for your personal use (business cards, flyers, posters, etc.), without asking my permission and paying royalties for each use. (to be negotiated 🙂 )*

* Copyright is an « immaterial » right, independent of ownership of the material object on which the work is based (canvas, stone, paper, etc.). The purchaser of the work’s medium does not therefore acquire, by the mere fact of the sale, the rights to the work itself (art. L111-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code): any reproduction or representation of the work must be authorized by the author. »