I work to order, using my intuition. If you want to order a canvas, please send me an e-mail and ask for woman/man/animal/totem. If you want, you can tell me something about you but I don’t ask anything . If you want to see your power animal for exemple or something special, of course it’s possible! Sometimes people ask me for a portrait as a medicine women /men, I don’t do that . It’s not you with a beautiful costume it’s much bigger than you, it’s a sort of avatar or symbol of your medicine, your talent. So when you ask me for a Medecine women/men or animal , I connect with you and let my intuition guiding me. The One who comes for you is your skill or your guide or a medicine or the power of your animal. It brings a special frequency for you, a special message. Then you can connect to it and receive understanding, fulfillment ,love, evidence, energy, answer, awakening….Totem are like blazon or healing shields. It could be a special protection , a special tool or vibration as women/men animals a special guide….

but it is also a message which can bring questions, awareness, transformation challenges, actions to be taken … it then carries keys and resources.

This work is done with a commitment on both sides, I work in connection with you for about 1 month and receive a message intended for you and you, you agree to jump into the unknown and to let go to welcome this message.

I ask for money first only 400€ for materiel and my availability, then you are free to fall in love with it or not. if you don’t, you don’t pay.( but I keep the deposit ) the remainder will be paid upon acceptance of the painting I have made for you (you have the choice of refusing the painting if you do not feel in agreement, only the deposit is not refunded)

price is between 3100€ et 3700€ (size 80x100cm to 110×160 or circle 100/110/120cm or square 120cm… etc) + shipping with DHL

If you’d like a totem animal, a Medicine Woman or a shield/blazon, just send me a request and we’ll talk about it.

Blazon or healing shields size 50x50cm/50x60cm cost 1550€


To know more..: You buy a canvas but the image remains my property, I therefore retain the right to make any variations I wish, cards, posters, various prints, etc… including selling the digital image for book covers, etc… You buy a canvas but you don’t have to pay for it. you do not own the copyright which means that you may not reproduce it, including for your personal use (business cards, flyers, posters, etc.), without asking my permission and paying royalties for each use. (to be negotiated 🙂 )*

* Copyright is an « immaterial » right, independent of ownership of the material object on which the work is based (canvas, stone, paper, etc.). The purchaser of the work’s medium does not therefore acquire, by the mere fact of the sale, the rights to the work itself (art. L111-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code): any reproduction or representation of the work must be authorized by the author. »