I’m born in Dijon in 1968. I start drawing in my poetry notebooks with my father. At university, it’s my mother who pushed me to enroll in evening classes at the Beaux-Arts. Revelation. It was the beginning of my artistic training. i’m very gratefull to my parents because they let me go to Paris and gave me the opportunity to join a graphic design school, then I spent 10 years in an advertising agency as an art director. But I wanted to create with my own hands, so I chose a school of decorative painting to return to my passion.

I made trompe-l’oeil, murals I started to work with copper leaf and ethnic patterns

I love costumes, patterns and Asia in all its richness and diversity , it fascinated me, and that’s what gave birth to the Exploratrices collection. Among others…..

Because I’ve always wondered: how far should I go? Just to have a look somewhere else? Discover other horizons, other colors, other faces… and why not confront, or discover my innerself?…

caro studioThese magnificent journeys to the other side of the world take us back again and again to the distant lands of our inner landscape. this inner-journey revealed these women, on the road to maturity, these women took on the colors, words and symbols of my inner exploration.

Because when you want to clear and clean up your deepest jungle, you rediscover your essence, your connection with the Universe and why you came here for. For me, this exploration has taken many different forms: psychogenealogy, family and systemic constellations, EMDR, dreams, karmic astrology, kinesiology, enneagram, breathing, Vedic Art, symbolic rituals, etc. I paint while listening to sacred songs from different countries… which helps me center myself and get in touch with the present energy .